Preparation for the PM


    We are preparing a joint magazine as a final project work. It  has two main parts; in the first part, we will work on the issue of radicalization and labeling of people and in the second part, we will work on the cultural heritage of the project countries.

    The aim of this Magazine is to disseminate the results of this project to a wider audience in order to raise awareness of others about the issue of radicalization as a joint problem and cultural heritage. To create the Magazine we will distribute the content  among the partner schools and  the students in every national team will make research about the given topics and interpret and analyze the collected data and make interviews, write inclusive poems and engaging stories about labeling or common values and discover about the history, culture, customs, facts about the partner countries and present them for the joint Magazine.This magazine will also include some of the  content which was already prepared  by the students in the previous tasks.


    Task of Distribution Among the Partner Schools 


    (On the Issue of Radicalization,Essays,Interviews...)


    (On the Issue of Radicalization,Essays,Interviews...)

    Zile Fen Lisesi-


    -An Interview with Local Authority about the radicalization (Betül,Petek,Ezgi,Sena)

    --An Interview with a local education authority about the online radicalization(Özlem,Buse,Aybüke)

    --A Presentation of the Recent Terror Attacks -Terrorism and Radicalization(Öykü,Pelinsu,Berfin)

    --An Inclusive Story (Sinem S.Mustafa B.,Petek)

    --An Essay on "Why the radical groups target the young people?" (Altaykan E.)

    --An Essay on "Common Ground" (Sinem Düzgün,Maths Teacher)

    --An Essay on "Avoding Exclusion by Promoting Inclusion" (Busenur K.)

    --An Essay on "Learning to live together in the same global village" (Sena,Aybike,Betül,Beril)

    -A Story on  Refugees (Betül B.)

    A Poem on Respect,Understanding and Solidarity (Yağmur,İkbal)

    I.I.S.S. "E.Fermi"-


    --An Essay on the Issue of Radicalization in Today’s World.(Rosanna Torsello, Coordinator Teacher)

    --A Portrait of a Radical Person ( Marcello)

    --An Interview with the teacher of I.T. M. L. Pietramala regarding "Why do people become radicalised?  (M.Lezzi)

    --An Essay on"Why do people become polirized?" (M.Lezzi)

    --An Essay on "Why categorising people matters?"(Martyna Z.)

    Zespół Szkół nr 1 im. Kazimierza Wielkiego-


    --An Interview with Ms Anna Smater Nagraba, history and current affairs teacher on the topic "

    The Connection between Radicalisation and Terrorism" (N.Chromińska and Natalia S.)

    --Why do people become polirized? (Oliwia)

    --An Essay on "Learning to live togetherin the same global village" (Natalia S.)

    --An Essay on "Learning to live togetherin the same global village" (M. Karłowicz)

    --An Inclusive Story (Natalia)



    --Radicalization as a global threat (Nancy Gkiotli)

    --An Essay -Why do people become polirized? (Dimitris)

    --An Essay on "Why do people become polirized?" (Fiona)

    --An Interview with Mrs Sachinidou Maria, the princpal,professor at the lesson of Ancient Greek Language on the topic"The Issue  of Cultural Stereotyping" (Irene T.)

    --An Essay on "Avoding Exclusion by Promoting Inclusion" (Thedoros B.)

    --An Essay on "Avoding Exclusion by Promoting Inclusion" (Vassiliki T.)

    --A Poem on "Solidarity" (Joanna S.)

    Hovseter skole,Oslo -Norway

    -An Essay on Inclusion in diverse societies (

    Jenny Syrrist,Coordinator Teacher)

    --An essay on "Why does the terror target cultural or sacred places?"(Stine Bentzen)

    --An Essay on "Why do people become polirized?" (Regine)

    --An Essay on "Avoding Exclusion by Promoting Inclusion" (Ulrik)

    --A Poem on Comon Values and Solidarity  (Agate)



    (Europe,In the Mirror of Culture)


    Zile Fen Lisesi,


    A general presentation of the city Zile,Turkey(Ege K.)

    Some interesting facts about Turkish culture and Turkey(N. Ş.Esen)

    A general presentation of the city of Tokat,(Yusuf Ö.)                                                                                                                                                                     

    I.I.S.S. "E.Fermi,


    A short description of a historic place in Italy (V. Hugo Cascone and L.Leone   )         

    A short description of a historic castle  in Italy, (Francesca N

    Zespół Szkół nr 1 im. Kazimierza Wielkiego,


     The Presentation of the City of Krakov  (PolishTeam)

    A presentation of a historic castle (Rafał K.)

    Some interesting facts about Poland (Polish Team)



     The Presentation of the City of Athens (Greek Team)

    Some facts about Greece,(Haritidis K.)

    The Presentation of  a historic castle,(Aphroditi S.)

    The presentation of the Bran Castle (T. Irene)

    Hovseter skole,


    Norwegian Facts (Ulrik D.)

    Exploring a cultural Place in Norway,(Karina M.L.)