In this task,we gave the students topics about the culture,radicalization ...etc and a few students  from the  national teams made a search about the topic they were given and recorded:

    The aim of the activty is to enable the students independently express their point of view about the given topics and thus promote their critical and creative thinking and self-expression skills.


    Jenny Hald(Norwegian Team)


    Topic:Why should we care about cultural heritage?

    Ezgi Akşahin(Turkey)



    Ioanna Stagona -Greek Team

    'Why should we care about the cultural heritage?




    by Aphroditi Stefanidou - Greek Team - on Cultural Heritage


    Norwegian Team



    Norwegian Team



         Topic:The Value of Cultural Heritage

           Buse nur Kökçü(Turkey)



      Topic:Raising Intercultural Understanding

    Sena Aksoy(Turkey)



            Topic:Why do people become radicalized?

                 Özlem Buse Yiğit (Turkey)




                                                                                                          Greek Team



                  Topic:Why is Cultural Heritage Important?

         İkbal Hekimhan (Turkey)





                                                                      Topic:Tangible and Intangible Heritage

                                                                                          Naime Şerife Esen  (Turkey)



                                                                  Topic:Accepting differeneces in a diverse society

                                                                                                  Betül Bacanak (Turkey)





                                                                                                    Aybike Denler

                                     Why do the terror group target cultural heritage?