• Golden number where are you?



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    The mathematics and the mathematician mode of thinking is an integral part of our life. The basic scope of this project is to make a collaborative microcosm in which the students create and discuss mathematics, they constantly rotate between action and thought combining the mathematics concepts with the real world. Having in mind that collaboration forces us to work beyond our normal levels,  in this project we would like to make a community which is expanded beyond  the limits  of a class and beyond the borders of a country.  We would like our students to talk, to share, to listen, to evaluate the opinions of each other, to acquire democratic experiences. Working in groups even more working in transnational groups they will have  the opportunity to develop the mathematician culture, the collaborative and the technological skills. Twinspace is a digital enviroment that can support our basic scopes.

    The subject of this project is a mathematian consept that exist in the human body, in the nature, in the human culture. Through three main  activities the students will search and discover the themathematical term "Golden number" in the human bodies, in nuture, in the real world. Τhe technology has a crucial role in this effort. All the activities which are involved  are collaborative and are implemented through digital collaborative tools.

    The content and the timetable of each activity are described with details in the pages that are following. Here is presented a brief  plan of our activities

     Period Activity      Brief descipe of the activity Digital toools
    September- October Activity1 Chinese activity. The students through a funny game try to guess the identity of each other forum, padlet
    December- January


    Searching golden number in human body

    •  Collect data. All students take measurmanets of human bodies  
    • Students undertake to share the tasks of each other
    • students collaborate to process data
    • Make conclusions together.
    • Evaluation of the activity 2

     The measurements are real


    • Google excel for collecting the data
    • padlet for sharing the task
    • Google excel for proccessing collaborative the data
    • Collaborative digital book storyjumber for writing the conclutions
    • emaze for the presentation of the processing of the data in  project journal
    • Google form for the evaluation of the activity2


    15th March

    Activity 3

    Searching the golden numben in nature

    • students watch ιinformative videos
    • students getting natural photos
    • students upload the photos in padlet,explaining their conection with golden ratio
    • Students evaluate their teams  photos. They decide together  the best photo of their teams to propose for the final contest.
    • All teams choose the best photo.(final contest)
    • notification of the winner
    • evaluate activity 3

    The most photos have been collected from real nature

    • youtube
    • padlet for uploading teams photos and discuss the best photo
    • poollmaker for the final voting
    • webestools for the announcement of the winner
    • slideshare for the presentation of the natural photos in project journal
    • google form for the valuation of activity3





    March Strengthen our relationship
    • Students have live conversation
    • Students make commemorative gifts for exchange


    •  chat room
    April-9th May

    Activity 4

    Making our constuctions

    Apply theoritical terms in practice


    • Students watching informative videos
    • Students in teams make measurements of the golden number, they collaborate to construct golden rectagles
    • students evaluation of activity4
    • Videos are made  with the software Camtasia and with screen-o-matic, uploaded to youtube and embed in twinspace
    • Mathematical software GeoGebra online version. Students will collaborate to make their constructions  on online version of GeoGebra. The collaborative environment  is called GeoGebra groups
    • animaker for the presentation of the digital constructions in GeoGebra groups
    • google form for the evaluation of activity 4
    22nd April Discussion about the final products. Sharing impressions Teacher's live conversation Chat room
    24th April Reflection of the project. Discussion about  a new collaboration Teacher's live conversation Live event
    2nd May Strengthen our relationship Student's live conversation Chat room
    9th -30th May

    Completing the tasks

    Reflection of all our actions

    •  completing the digital book with photos from nature and photos of our constructions
    • make the photo album
    • final evaluation of the project


    • Smilebox for making the commemorative album
    • google form for the final evaluation
    • Powtoon for creating a video for the announcement of the final evaluation