• Activity 2 (Collect-Process data- Make conclusions)



    It is said that Golden Number is human body. The purpose of this activity is to calculate the ratio of total body height to navel height and to compare this ratio with the Golden number.


    • Organization of the tasks and the date  that each task has to be completed


    Description-timetable of the tasks

    Description of the task

    Date to be completed

     Each student has to write at least 3 data   on the google excel spreadsheet

    ( the student measurements and his/hers parents data)

    Until 22 December

    Students  will share  the tasks, will write in a padlet what each of them  will  undertake to do

    Until 15th january

    Working with the spreadsheet making calculations, comparisons , graphs

    Until the 27th January

    Writing the report on the padlet

    Until 31st January

    Writing the conclusions in e-book

    Until 1st February

    Reflection on activity2 . Completing a google form

    Until 15 February


    • Organization of the  transnational groups

    Transnational groups



    Transnational group1

    Mario G., Marta G., Sergio M., Juan Andrés M., Marta M.

    Kleopatra, Aggeliki, Rafailia

    Transnational group2

    Raúl M., Bruno P., Bruno P,,Lucía R.,  Roberto S., Nerea R.,


    Transnational group3

    Jose S., Majda T., Juan Alejandro V., Juan Carlos V., Teresa Y.

    Evagelia, Rozita, Sara