UNESCO World Heritage

Through investigating our cultural heritage, we can discover our diversity and start an inter-cultural conversation about universal value for us as individuals, communities and societies. The year 2018 is dedicated to experience, appreciate, and enjoy cultural heritage, so please do it together with us...

International interview

Cooperative activity for mixed international groups:

1. Find at least two members from difirent countries (HUNGARY, POLAND, TURKEY, ITALY, SLOVAKIA, UKRAINE)

2. Contact them via twinmail with request for interview.

3. Send to selected members (who agreed) the videofile with your question about Unesco sites and ask them for answer (new viedofile from foreign country).

4. Collect all videofiles and make a collage from recordings - international videointerview (with subtitles,who is asking, who answering...).

5. Publish the video on Youtube (No Public, only Unlisted).

6. Send the link for YoubeVideo to email address: etwinning.project.new@gmail.com (subject: UNESCO video, your name, country)




Author: Gabriela Kövesiová
Last editor: Gabriela Kövesiová