Secondo Circolo Didattico "Senia", Comiso, Italy. Teacher MRS Serena Gulino

  • //////////SECONDO CIRCOLO DIDATTICO SENIA,//////////////////////////////////////// COMISO, Rg//////////ITALY////////////teacher Mrs Serena                                  Gulino/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

    ​In my school, there isn't a specific regulation about birthdays celebration. Moreover, offering food is allowed just for feast days like the last day of school before long breaks (Christmas, Easter) and sometimes at San Martino's where we eat altogether a kind of pancakes.  ​​Moreover, due to the increase of allergies among kids, we decided to do not offer food! 

    ​Just before starting our class, we ask the pupil to stand up and stay in front of his mates so that we can sing the Happy birthday song altogether. Usually we sing the classic version in English, because they like it!!!

    After singing the song, I go to the cupboard and open up the big envelope with all their cards. In this moment everyone is silent and they look carefully trying to peep in the envelope.. as soon as I find the card that belongs to the birthday pupil, I give it to him and then he shows it to his mates.​​ ​​I take a picture to the birthday pupil and later I send to his parents.

    Being part of this project created a kind of magic between me and my pupils making us closer and sharing the feeling that we are all part of the same universe. 

    Teacher Mrs Serena Gulino.