Our Project Aims

  • The Project

    It goes without saying that summer is one of the best seasons in the year. This is the season of joy, happiness, love and relaxing. Children take summer pictures, give them titles in English and create a virtual gallery. They can also make drawings and paintings.


    - motivate students for active summer rest;
    - share the ideas of summer rest;
    - improve knowledge of English;
    - make friends with students from other countries; 
    - learn about customs, traditions and culture of other nationalities.

    Work Progress
    - students will share informatiom about their funny summer time (photos, videos, presentations);
    - make short stories about their holidays;
    - tell about interesting places in their countries or abroad;
    - promote healthy lifestyles;
    September: introducing partners
    October/November: sharing activities - voting for the best picture of the project
    December: Christmas greetings and end of the project

    Expected results

    Send photos, photo collages or amazing impressions about summer holidays.