Summer photo gallery

It goes without saying that summer is one of the best seasons in the year. This is the season of joy, happiness, love and relaxing. Children take summer pictures, give them titles in English and create a virtual gallery. They can also make drawings and paintings.

Project Journal

    I created a facebook page to disseminate our project and I chose only what we did without showing kids so we can disseminate easily!
    - Posted by Emanuela Toccaceli, 30.06.2018

  • Our reward for participating in the project

    etwinning projects.png

    - Posted by Natalia Grushko, 28.01.2018

  • Hi everybody ! Did you enjoy your Christmas holidays ?
    Looking forward to collaborating together in new activities , we wish you a happy teaching
    IIB I.C. via Baccano - Roma


    - Posted by Gelsomina Cassino, 26.01.2018

  • Сделано на Padlet

    - Posted by Natalia Grushko, 08.01.2018

  • Here we are at the end of our Project. I hope every partner enjoyed working with students in class on the theme we chose so far.
    We had fun collaborating and sharing our activities.
    Happy eTwinning to everyone ^_^

    Goodbye everyone!.png


    - Posted by Emiliana Rufo, 14.12.2017