27th October Live Event with partners - Next activities

  • 27th October 2017

    Live Event Meeting

    Dear Colleagues,

    during the partners meeting we decided to do these activities:
    1. a word cloud with menti.com
    2. a kahoot with a funny quiz
    3. a tricider to vote for the best picture of the project
    4. a survey for the best free time activity during summer

    I think we can do them! 

    Please follow the project with your students...

    If you have any ideas or you want to create other activities, we are here to follow you...
    Thank you Olga, Marzia and Emanuela for participating in the Live Event, I didn't think it was so difficult! 

    Please when you post an activity on the Project Journal, then CREATE the PAGE of your activity, too!

    Happy e-twinning!