Exhibition of the results of the pupils creations,

    for our project: "Portraits and Emotions"

    in the 13th Primary School of Ilion, Athens - Greece,Theodora Chandrinou  in collaboration with the Teacher Ioanna Bekri.

    Other exhibitions also took place during the School year in collaboration with our friends from Spain,

     presented in the halls of San José and Divina Pastora Coleges, in collaboration with the prof. Esperanza Caro Perdigón, Marifé Lopez Tomas, Nuria Gonzalo Vegas, Laura Beatriz Suela de la Llave, .

     From our collaboration with 5th Primary School of Ilion, Athens – Greece, and the head director Nikos Efstathiou
    •  the Exhibition: child and play:
    •    The catalogue of the exhibition:

    •    Printmaking workshop for the pupils of level 6 of the 5th Primary School of Dafnis, Athens – Greece, by Theodora Chandrinou:

    We collaborated with the PhD Researcher Marinela Rusu of the Romanian Academy and we presented our pupils creations in Exhibition
    •    From the presentation in the International Conference in Romania, Theodora Chandrinou was a member of the Organizing Commitee:

    A part of the project was presented in the international conference “Ethics and Aesthetics in Personality Development”, Iasi, Romania, 2015 by the Romanian Academy. The title of the paper was: “Innovative European Pedagogical Art Projects in Primary Education”. The authors were:Esperanza Caro Perdigón and Theodora Chandrinou,  collaborators in the e-twinning project “Potraits and Emotions”.

    •    blog of our Greek pupils' creations:

    more about good practicies:

    •    blog of our Spanish collages:



    Creative classroom group member Theodora Chandrinou participation of good particies:


    Our Spanish friends present the activities in the twinsapce page:


    Our project was a wonderful adventure!!!