Presented  in Exhibitions  the Childrens' creations as a result of good practicies:

    * During the School year there were organized Art Exhibitions and presentations of our students works in the Event halls and the classrooms  of the Schools from Greece and Spain that participated in our project, organized by Theodora Chandrinou, Esperanza Caro, Niko Efstathiou  and Ioanna Bekri.

    * Romanian Academy, Iasi Branch - Institute of Economic and Social Research, "Gh. Zane", Department of Psychology and Pedagogy invited you to attend the International Conference, entitled:
    "ETHICS AND AESTHETICS IN PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT - Education and self-shaping through art".
    Head Organizer of the Confernce: Researcher, PhD MARINELA RUSU.

    Exhibition with our students' creations presented in the Confernce. Curator of the exhibition : Theodora Chandrinou, who was also a member of the ongarizing commiittee ( with no money reward) and had  participation with 2 papers. The second paper in collaboration with the Visual Arts Prof. Esperanza Caro , concerning our common eTwinning Project:
    "Portaits and Emotions".

    * We created open to public twin space pages and eTwinning events for members:

    *  Our students also presented their creations in the Exhibition organized by the Head of the 5th Pr. School of Dafnis Mr. Nikos Efstathiou with the title: «Child and Play».  Were presented the students works and the Artists and Teachers also and  participated in a dialogue through Art.  Nikos Efstathiou in his collaboration with Tate Britain/ Tate Modern gave one copy of the prints created from the children in the Printmaking Workshop under the supervision of  Theodora Chandrinou.


    Blog for our Greek Visual Arts presentations,

    13th Primary School of Ilion Athens Greece:

    Creative classroom group member Theodora Chandrinou participation:

    Congratulations to all participating members how worked for this project!