• This project is for young students from 8 to 16 years old.
    It aims to:
    • Make clear of the Visual Arts benefits in shaping Personality.
    • Apply emotional education. Emotions and feelings in the works of Art inspiring the children.
    • Help pupils explore in health prevention of negative influences. By depicting their inner world, with lines and colors, their personality is being expressed.
    • The increase of the interpersonal and intrapersonal children's relations. Via Visual Arts the Emotions and feelings in the works of the children will be revealed, in order to find new ways of expression.
    • Improve Emotional Intelligence.
    • Help students become acquainted with different cultures.
    • Make new friends, learn more about art and other cultures, to realize that people and countries have both similarities and differences.
    • Cultivate life skills and positive memories through experiential learning.
    • Receive benefits of Cross-cultural and multicultural Education.
    • Cultivate critical thinking.
    • Increase the children’s interest and appreciation about Visual Arts.

    • Make clear the benefits of Interaction and sharing on the educational practice.