Zabor - knowledge workshops

  • => WORKSHOP FOR KNOWLEDGE OF THE HISTORY OF THE REGION : We walked to the Palace of Zabor to see the Crystal Room. The palace is surrounded by a trench with a depth of 3 m and a width of 15 m. Behind it is a huge park with many old trees (20 hectares) bordering Lake Liwno. The complex is an early French Baroque residence. The history of the palace dates from 1677. The interior is baroque. The owners of the palace have changed quite often. The last owner was Duchess Hermina Reuss-Hohenzollern, the second wife of Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany. Currently, the palace hosts a medical center for children and young people.,99,,.html

    => WORKSHOP FOR KNOWLEDGE OF THE REGION:  We continued to walk to the Lubuskie Center for Viticulture, built for the development of the tourist brand of the region, to integrate the identity tradition in the cultivation of vine and wine production in the Lubusk region. Close to the Zabor Palace, Lubuskie Centrum Winiarstwa is also a scientific and didactic base that allows students to study how to make wine, but also a wine-growing counseling center. At this center for which the region is renowned, we are familiar with information about vineyards., 

    Although these activities have already become history, we will remember them for many years. It was amazing.

    Pictures taken during workshops in Zabor  are  here.