Zielona Gora - workshops

  • During 6th -7th  April 2018, the Romanian and Polish partners have done several activities together in Zielona Góra, the largest city in Lubusz Voivodship, a vibrant city full of young people because of its university.

    => PALMIARNIA: We went to Zielona Góra where we saw Palmiarnia one of the most renowned tourist attractions. The famous Palm House offers the opportunity to see the city's skyline, being located at the top of Winny Hill. In the complex there are about 150 species of exotic plants in the equatorial and tropical areas, there are aquariums where you can admire sturgeons and piranhas, as well as a café and a restaurant with a dance ring where cultural and occasional events are organized. In addition to the Palm House there is a 19th century wine cellar. ( the Palm House - http://palmiarnia.net.pl/)

    =>  Muzeum Ziemi Lubuskiej ( town museum): The workshops for the history of the place continued at a very beautiful museum, Muzeum Ziemi Lubuskiej (Museum of the Lubusz Region). Here we presented in a thematic and chronological order information about the art, history and specifics of the region, exhibits related to the history of Lower Silesia and Brandenburg, especially how the city of Grünberg evolved to become Zielona Góra today.    -  http://mzl.zgora.pl/          https://euslugi.mzl.zgora.pl/

     => Museum of Ancient Torture: We saw the Museum of Ancient Torture, which contains the largest exhibition in Poland illustrating the application of criminal law, the system of execution of sentences and methods of torture in the Middle Ages until the 18th century. In the cellars of the dark museum we were presented with an interesting collection of objects and replicas of the tools used during the witchcraft and executions of the convicts.   - http://mzl.zgora.pl/wystawy/muzeum-tortur/


    => Museum of Wine: In the Wine Museum's gallery, we have seen the only permanent exhibition in Poland that shows both viticulture history and wine culture issues, as Zielona Góra is the famous capital of Poland's wine and the northernmost wine region of Europe. Every year, a film festival takes place during the summer and, in autumn, an important wine festival, Winobranie. For this reason, Zielona Góra obtained the nickname "The City of Wine".    -  http://mzl.zgora.pl/wystawy/muzeum-wina/

    => during free time we saw preserved medieval Old Town, 13th-century Market Square, Babuscki statues. In moments of rest and walk through the old town center, we saw the old town square and the town hall tower, we admired the many Bachusiki statues spread throughout the city. http://bachusiki.zgora.pl/ 

    => Planetarium Wenus : In Venus Planetarium, we sat in comfortable, inclined chairs
    where we watched a movie about the starry sky, the phenomena happening at any time and anywhere on Earth or in space, we saw objects from the near universe and removed by surfing between planets, stars and nebulae. Under the mobile dome, with many visual and sound effects, we have experienced an unforgettable experience, a 3D projection about space that's worth seeing.  - http://planetariumwenus.pl/wizyta/atrakcje/.  

    After about 8-10 minutes of walking, we reached to a big mall - Focus  - where we had free time for rest, food, walk.

    Pictures taken during workshops in Zielona Gora are  here