Zabor - workshops at school

  • During Move2Learn mobility unroll in April 2018, Romanian and Polish partners have done several workshops together at the school Szkoła Podstawowa w Zaborze :

    => DANCE WORKSHOP: The program continued with workshops on two groups. In one, traditional dances were exchanged. Pupils of school from Zabor learn Romanian pupils "polonez" dance. The basic movements of this dance have been practiced, both individually and in pairs. For a more accurate and better realization of the technique of performing the steps and dance figures, mixed teams and adaptation exercises were made. The Romanian team completed the workshop with the dance named "braşoveanca". By using the "slow" option, the steps of these dances have been learned.

    => WORKSHOP 2: In another workshop, the game "Guess the person" was applied. After the individual presentations, the participants had to retrieve from a bowl the tickets with the identification requirements of ten people that correspond to clues. On individual paper sheets, each member of the team had to identify as many names as possible and guess the person who corresponds to that characterization. Win the team that identified most names.

    Detailed information about this event in the Polish school was also broadcast in the news from Radio West/Radio Zachód prepared by journalist Artur Steciąg. .There have been workshops for knowing the history and the place where the Polish school is located.


    Pictures taken during workshops in Zabor  are  here.