• Abeilles menacées... Planète en danger !

    "Threatened bees, planet in danger"

    The project will allow the students to engage themselves in environmental protection and to gain an awareness of their citizenship at all levels, from local citizenship to European citizenship. It will allow them to develop respect for the environment and those around them, as well as a sense of their responsibilities in their daily life.  

    The use in each partner school of an “apiscope” (pedagogical hive), an innovative pedagogical tool, will allow for the study and the observation of the life of a bee colony. The project will focus on three primary themes: environmental, social, and economic. 

    The first year of the project’s function will be titled “Becoming an Eco-Citizen…” It will have two principal dimensions: scientific (Study of flora and fauna, maintenance of biodiversity, pollination, conservation of ecosystems) and citizenship (learning eco-friendly actions, fighting against pollution, waste management). 

    The second year of the project will be titled “To Be an Eco-Citizen…”. It will have four principal dimensions: geographic (knowledge of the environment from the local to the European level), economic (regarding the production of honey), scientific (biodiversity), and citizenship (study of the hive as a society, reasonable use of resources). 

    Linguistic, cultural, scientific, and citizenship exchanges will allow for an understanding of European nature and international nature of the problem of sustainable development. 

    At the completion of the project, we all will have an understanding that the environment, the Earth, is a common good that is both fragile and unique. We need to protect it and ensure the longevity of its biodiversity. We will have become aware that to be a citizen of Europe implies responsibilities, rights, and choices. We will know that our individual actions will have consequences upon the collective life and future of everyone.