STEM session: Artificial Inteligence (AI) for our project

  • We decided to add some Artificial Inteligence to our project. But Why? Because is modern to talk about AI? No, the story is different. 

    When we started the project, and months ago, when we was writing the application form we still didn't start to work with the students at Tsar Simeon Veliki School on that topic (AI). But in May, 2018 we applyed for the AI Bootcamp and we decided to do something for our project with AI. And we decide to develop a Bot Service, based on FAQ.

    Our team: Mrs Todorova - ICT teacher and the project coordinator and Kapka, Viktoria and Raya. They are from Tsar Simeon Veliki School, Bulgaria

    So, the girls won the Microsoft competition and they attended the AI Bootcamp in Athence.

    The Bot was ready, and we presented it at the conference Microsoft EduDays 2018, 19.11.2018, Sofia