The Journey To The Twelve Stars - a comic

  • The comic strip have been created by the students, project participants from all schools. 

    First the students from Darica Namik Kemal Ilkokulu school and their teacher Seda visited the Educational center for refugees in Darica and interviewed Syrian students and teachers there. They collected their stories.

    After that, during the Students exchange in Malta, the students, from all partner schools, have been working in mixed international groups and tailored the story board of the comic. 

    And as the last step, the students from the advanced ICT class at Bulgarian school Tsar Simeon Veliki school, created the comic pages. They have been working on the online App Pixton. The teams working on the pages are:

    Team 1: Bobi, Kaloian and venelin - Hali's family story;

    Team 2: Boris and Viktor - Meryem's story;

    Team 3: Erik and Rumen - Cuneyd's Family story.

    That pages are the base for the comic strip.