The project: Sharing my games

  • About the project

    The main idea of the project is that children be aware of the importance of their culture and other cultures and take contact with children of other nacionalities, using as much as they can the english language.

    For this reason, and related with our subject, Physicall Education, we think that traditional games are a very interesting tool for interacting with other cultures. Our children could record a video explaining a game that we use to play in our city or country and make a demo playing it.
    You can do the same and finally record a new video playing this new games and sharing the feelings they have had.


    1. To Know the importance of our culture.

    2. To Be aware of the importance of different cultures.

    3. To Use english language in a real context.

    4. To Share an internacional experience.

    5. To use cross - curricular approach.

    Work process

    Choose a game and prepare the class for explaining the basics rules of the game, trying that the maximum number of children participate in the explanation speaking english, then the teacher records them playing the game and giving their opinions about it and share it with the other school.

    The second part of the project would be watch the video of the children of the other school playing it and listening to their feelings about the game and then they propose a new game to be shared.

    And repeat the process until we consider.

    Expected results

    Our main expectation is to participate in an international experience and try to enjoy it as much as possible.

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    Our label!


    Sharing my games - handball champions!

    4th primary School of Zografou, Athens, Greece

    The pupils play in this video and was upoloaded on the School facebook page.

    Read more about hand ball in wikipedia:
    4th primary School of Zografou, Athens, Greece.
    Physical Education - Mr. Dimitrios Tsitos and Art Teacher - Mrs Theodora Chandrinou.

    Inderdisciplinary approach, cross curricular activities for the project by Theodora Chandrinou:


    Congratulations to all partners!!!!