Cross curricular approach among Schools


    Art collaboration proposed by the Art Teacher Theodora Chandrinou. Pupils and Teachers participated with fervor!! We all enjoyed the participation and below we share the results of our effort!

    Sharing my games -eTwinning project 2016-2019


    Below we present the collaboration among  pupils from Greece:

    • the 1st primary Schoool of Pefki, Athens, Greece and the Art Teacher Theodora Chandrinou, collaborated with success.
    • the 4th primary School of Zografou, Athens, Greece and the Art Teacher Theodora Chandrinou, collaborated with success.
    • the pupils of the 2nd primary School of Agia Varvara, Athens, Greece and the Teacher of Physical education Sotiria Apostolopoulou - Kafetsi collaborated with the Art Teacher Theodora Chandrinou and gave fruitful results.
    • The pupils from the 20th primary School of Aigaleo, Athens, Greece, with the Art Teacher Theodora Chandrinou joined the project activities and cultivated life skills : *Democratic spirt, * Active citizenship, * Healthy Lifestyles. It was a very creative and successful collaboration.

     Children were educated about healthy diet and its benefits in life.

    We shared games about the topic and we presented the collaboration in the Schools, via open to public presentations.




    Easter wishes were exchanged among participating Schools and eTwinning friends!

    ¡Felizidades para el Pascua!

    Happy Easter!!!

    Χριστός Ανέστη!!!


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    Activity among Greek Schools: "Healthy Mediterranean diet through Art"

    Interaction among the 1st primary School of Zografou, Athens, Greece, the art Teacher Theodora Chandrinou and the pupils of the 4th primary School of Greece.
    We collaborated with Schools from Spain, through educational Greek National and eTwinning projects. The Art Teacher Esperanza Caro and the pupils of Colegio San José sent the train of emotions with wishing cards  to Greece. The idea of Thodora Chandrinou (me)  was to make a connection with healthy diet, Art and emotions. So, I invited my Greek pupils to: create posters, make group work paintings with fruit trees, and to create fruits with positive emotions by using different material and Art media.  The new " train of healthy emotions", full of fuits and happy emotions, traveled around the world through the video created with the help of the class Greek Teacher Alexandra Dai. "We are what we eat and reflect it through our emotions"!!!

    The activity was also presented in the eTwinning page:
    "Cross curricular approach among Schools" 


    Healthy Mediterranean diet - 4th primary School of Zografou, Greece. Health prevention Educational Greek National project. Supervisor was the  Art Teacher Theodora Chandrinou. 
    Υγιεινή Μεσογειακή διατροφή - 4ο δημοτικό Σχολείο Ζωγράφου, Ελλάδα. Εκπαιδευτικό Πρόγραμμα Αγωγής Υγείας, υπεύθυνη Εκπαιδευτικός, Εικαστικός Θεοδώρα Χανδρινού.




    In the 20th Primary School of Aigaleo, Athens, Greece, during the School year 2018-2019 the pupils and the Art Teacher Theodora Chandrinou worked in the project with success.

    We cultivated lifeskills and helped pupils understand the meaning of "Healthy Life". 

    We had a very creative approach through the educational innovative Greek project«Art and Sustainable development – pupils active citizens : Τέχνη και Αειφορία – μαθητές ενεργοί πολίτες».


    We shared also the results of the project and participated in the eTwinning project: “ Promotion off Healthy Lifestyles during Education”. It was very creative to use different subjects in the educational process. The Fine Arts subject combined Physical Education and really motivated our pupils!

    We participated in the activities of the "Creative Classroom" eTwining group and under sustainable democratic spirit we shared the message:

    “Get up and be healthy, join us through sports”.

    Thank you very much!!

    Theodora Chandrinou, Fine Arts Teacher, Athens, Greece