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The main objectives of the project is ICT focused with the acquisition of digital competences for staff and pupils through learning how to use 6 "content free" iPad App's whilst investigating and learning about the culture, language , community and schools of our partners.It is essential that pupils learn about their European neigh...

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Barra Ó Muirí
Hi guys, I trust that you all recall our idea about using this platform to exchange simple greetings in our native languages to widen our pupils’ horizons.
To that end, I propose the following short video messages be uploaded by all countries:
1) Hello/Good morning
2) How are you today?
3) The weather is ...
4) My name is .... and I am ....years old
5) counting 1 to 10.





Author: Ivana Krizanac
Last editor: Loredana Messineo