What's APPening around our Europe

The main objectives of the project is ICT focused with the acquisition of digital competences for staff and pupils through learning how to use 6 "content free" iPad App's whilst investigating and learning about the culture, language , community and schools of our partners.It is essential that pupils learn about their European neigh...

Project Journal

  • 15th-19th May Meeting in Finland .We are learning about IMovie



    - Posted by Loredana Messineo, 15.05.2017

  • 26th-31st March meeting in Kunovice Czech Republic. Here we are learning about App Numbers


    - Posted by Loredana Messineo, 29.03.2017

  • Logo winner!


    - Posted by Ivana Krizanac, 21.03.2017

  • Logo Contest, are you ready?


    - Posted by Loredana Messineo, 16.12.2016