What's APPening around our Europe

The main objectives of the project is ICT focused with the acquisition of digital competences for staff and pupils through learning how to use 6 "content free" iPad App's whilst investigating and learning about the culture, language , community and schools of our partners.It is essential that pupils learn about their European neigh...

iMovie Activities


Finland Adventure

Activities in St Patricks


2017 St Patricks PS K2 Sports Day Movie from Michael madine on Vimeo.


Sport and Games in Kunovice


An iMovie made by staff in Crossmaglen after their training in Finland

Video prepared in Finland as task for learning and teaching activities

IMG_0260 from Michael madine on Vimeo.


One ordinary day in Primary School Brodarica


Whats appp from Ivana Krizanac on Vimeo.


Virtual walk with our students - Šibenik and its surroundings

Author: Loredana Messineo
Last editor: Ivana Krizanac