Základná škola Ul. S Chalupku 313 / 14, Prievidza




    Focus of school:

    • Teaching a first foreign language (English) from the 1st grade (primary school).
    • Teaching another foreign language from 3rd grade through school afternoon activities.
    • Teaching second foreign language at second stage (secondary school).
    • Athletic preparation of pupils with a focus on swimming, ice hockey and basketball.                                                             

    Our school offers:

    • Teaching in computer labs and four classrooms with interactive whiteboards.
    • Rich variety of extra-curricular activities at school clubs for children.
    • Lunch in the school dining room.
    • Many interesting arts and sports courses.
    • High quality extra-curricular activities such as school trips, swimming and skiing training, road awareness education, tours and excursions.
    • Activities with parents: Matriculation of first grade pupils; A variety of autumn craft activities; Christmas Academy; Christmas and Easter market; Open Day; Carnival; Mother's Day; Father's and Children´s Day.
    • Exchange opportunities for our students.
    • Sightseeing tours.