Our school started education in 2007. We have forty-two classrooms, two technology laboratories, and one IT laboratory in our school. Our school currently has over one thousand and four hundred great students and forty-five committed teachers. Our school tries to build consciousness of "Smiling faces and Smiling societies" with the mission called "Smiling faces to life".


    We have been teaching our students with many activities with which help them know the importance and benefits of Lifelong Learning. So We have labelled our classrooms and corridors with the names of the many characters and scientists who are famous all over the World ( Such as Pisagor , Archimedes classrooms and English Street). We painted the walls and ground of the corridors with amazing and attractive pictures to get attention of students and make the school more enjoyable for them.

    We have been teaching our students how to make  researches  and  projects which  contributes to society. In addition, our school has diversity with many students from different cultures. That is why we call our school the home of mix cultures. The United Nations declared 2007 The Year of Rumi (Mevlana) .As our school was opened in 2007 ,it was called  by the name of  “Mevlana” who is a famous muslim Saint and Anatolian mysticknown throughout the world for his exquisite poems and words of wisdom, which have been translated into many languages  . He was known with his ultimate tolerance, so we embrace all kinds of the students who come from different roots.

    As our school is in a city which engages in business a lot and an attractive place for people who move here from their homelands to find a job. Our school has students who have  different social backgrounds when it comes to their cultures that’s why it provides them with a very special atmosphere to learn a new culture. Also, since it is located between two old capital cities it takes some advantages of this aspect. Our school is pretty close to not just one of the beautiful and historical cities of the world, İstanbul, but also near the border between our country and Bulgaria.











    WHO WE ARE ...