Record a radio spot on European School Radio

  • Activity Description / Requirements

      After a relevant discussion create a short radio spot with an antibullying message. Record your spot with whatever recording software you like (Audacity, windows recording, etc). Then you can do one or more of the following: 

    • register to the European School Radio (you can find it in the following link ( and upoload it there. Then post the relevant link to your spot in the FORUMS tab in the Antibullying Radio Spots Padlet.
    • just upload your audio file in the Antibullying Radio Spots Padlet.
    • upload your spot to Youtube and then post your vid  in the Antibullying Radio Spots Padlet.

    ​You can find the Antibullying Radio Spots wall here as well.


    Deadline for uploading your radio spots: February 28th 2017











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