“Say no to bullying…Be a friend!”

A project about raising students' awareness regarding "antibullying", and giving emphasis on building friendship, anger management, tolerance, respect, team work and cooperation.

Project Journal

  • Dear friends,
    I'm so glad to inform you that we got a Quality Label for our project from the Greek NSS!
    I hope more partners get a Quality Label from their local NSS, too, so that we can have a chance at receiving a European Quality Label as well for our project!
    Best regards to all and a Happy and Creative New School Year!

    quality label 2017.png

    - Posted by Alexandra Mavraki, 04.09.2017

  • This year We have exhibited our e-twinning projects at our school.


    - Posted by FİLİZ TEMELOĞLU, 16.06.2017

  • Thanks for your crafts.I hope you will receive our crafts.We created a video about our crafts and your crafts.


    - Posted by FİLİZ TEMELOĞLU, 16.06.2017

  • And one more video with a giant fingerprints poster and pledge, that both our older and younger students created together!

    - Posted by Alexandra Mavraki, 04.06.2017

  • We got posts from Greece and Spain.Thank you so much.They are very nice.My students like them.Thanks again.

    - Posted by FİLİZ TEMELOĞLU, 31.05.2017