Introducing ourselves

  • Activity Description / Requirements




    *  Please introduce yourselves to your e-friends.


        Besides your names, also mention a few important things about  yourselves, as well


        as  a couple of important personal likes and preferences.


        You should also mention a couple of things about your country, your city and your school.



       You can introduce yourselves in one (or more) of the following ways:



         1. Create a thread in the FORUMS tab under the  "Introductions" forum


            where you just write your blog entryor upload a Voki, or a Glogster poster


            or even a Prezi presentation.


         2Create a documen(Word, PP presentation, etc) and upload it in 


              MATERIALS/ FILES tab.


         3. Record an audio file and upload it in the relevant folder (the one with your country's name 

             in MATERIALS / FILES tab.


         4. Record a short video and upoad it in MATERIALS/ VIDEOS tab.







    Deadline for uploading your introductions: November 25th 2016