• In the project ...

    What we learned?


    The most important thing what we learned was TEAMWORK, it's very important to know how to work together, how share time and support the team.

    Next very important skill was PROGRAMMING - everyone want to learn how to create computer games and have to basic visual programming skills.

    Our common goals - CREATE GAMES, well done and HOW TO USE YOUR BRAIN - well done (we used it very well)


    Do you like this project? Describe yor feelings!

    It was COOL, that's right. Everyone enjoy creating and making games, it was interesting and funny. Programming is not for everyone, some students doesn't like it too, but it's normal. Visual program is hard to study, but if you use your brain (as you said in first word cloud) you can make wonderful, nice, exciting awesome, educational and unique and great games. 

    The most important - we learned how do TEAMWORK in INTERNATIONAL groups and at all. The project was  COOL and FUN for us.