• In this folder you are going to read the teachers' work.

    a) The first page is a short introduction to the partners, presented by the founder and by themselves through padlet. 

    b) Project plan as it was first planned, something changed because the project was developed in vertical way (from Kindergarten to Secundary School) so we needed to add more activities and it was enriched by the excellent ideas that came out during several brainstormings of teachers.

    c) A simple map of the schools.

    d) A "netiquette" in order to make everyone aware of the main "rules" for spending a great and productive project time together. 

    e) Partners' expectation was created to make partners thinking about the goals they expected to achieve working at this project

    f) Calendar of Activities and deadline 

    g) Teachers' meetings is the folder where you can find all the meetings that took place between teachers during the develpment of the project. We tried to organize several meetings at crucial point of the project in order to evaluate the project at every stage, making my partners aware of their contribution and picking up the new good ideas that emerge from the brainstormings. 

    h) "Teachers' talk" folder comes from a reflection of mine that I thought to extend to my projects' partners in order to have their opinion about it. 

    i) Utility and web 2.0 folder: I find very helpful in order to  create captivating and interactive learning environment while we accomplish our tasks.

    l) Be a buddy's materials: was a very important folder for every member of this group because we collected all the studies related to bullying and e-safety. Part of the materials comes from the online safety course organized by European Schoolnet that the founder Mrs Serena Gulino and Mrs Maria Sorvillo attended with great motivation.