Practical Tasks


    Team from Bals


    Measuring the temperatures


    Team from Žitorađa


    Eratosthenes experiment

    We started this year by measuring height of the trees around our school, and few days ago we participated in global project Eratosthenes experiment. We had a lot of fun and learned how to calculate circumference of the Earth with just a stick and the Sun shadow :)


    Team from Čačak


    This month we learn about proportions. As you know, they have a wide use in the real life and we use them almost every day, aware of that or not.

    Our task for today was to count an amount of the sugar in the different drinks that we like, as well as the amount of sugar in some of our favorite sweets and snacks. 




    Team from Ivanić-grad


    The Guideposts


    Team from Novska


     March was a real mathematical month! We celebrated Pi Day (we had a special Pi candies), participated in the global project Eratosthenes experiment and participated in international mathematics competition Mathematical Kangaroo. 





    Measuring the temperatures