Life Is Math, Math Is Life 2

This project is a continuation of the project "Life Is Math, Math Is Life" . We'll continue our search for the mathematics and its purpose in our everyday lives. We'll share our lessons and experiences. More details about the previous project could be found here:

Project Journal

  • Ponosna! Moja prva! Hvala svima na suradnji i pomoći!

    eu oznaka kvalitete.png

    - Posted by Dražena Potočki, 25.10.2017

  • NQL is here! I thank Jelena and Ivica for the help with fulfilling the application!

    Life is Math oznaka kvalitete.PNG

    - Posted by Dražena Potočki, 06.09.2017

  • Dear all, first of all, thank you for the wonderful cooperation and all great materials that you shared with us.
    I'm really proud of all our results, especially the website. I think it's a very good, inspirational and useful math collection.
    At the beginning, we planned to close this project in September, but I would like to hear "your voice" too. Should we close it as it was planned?
    - Posted by Jelena Kenić, 11.08.2017

  • Here is ours!


    - Posted by Anica Tričković, 07.08.2017

  • Dear partners, I wanted to share with you the good news. Our project got its' 1st NQL. Thabk you all for the great cooperation once again.


    - Posted by Jelena Kenić, 31.07.2017