We present our countries / Παρουσιάζουμε τις χώρες μας

  • Παρουσιάζουμε τις χώρες μας / We present our countries!

    Αρχαία Ελληνική Τέχνη / Anvient Greek Art

    Μια σύντομη βόλτα στην Αθήνα για να γνωρίσουμε δείγματα της αρχαίας Ελληνικής Τέχνης! / Some photos from a walk around Athens, ancient Greek Art is our best Teacher!! 4th Primary School of Zografou, Greece - Theodora Chandrinou https://youtu.be/8Qym2Or69rU


    Grazie mile!! Irene Confalone - HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022!!

    Wishes from Portugal!

    Happy New Year!! Wishes from Portugal

    Merry Christmas and 2022

    We leave you a link to visit different places in Madrid.

    Countries of the world!

    We love reading about other countries! These are some pages of a book we made! Read about our country, Greece! Then, can you find your country?

    Our collaborative padlet!

    You are welcome to the inspirational padlet!! Thank you very much for the beautiful collaboration!!! Theodora Chandrinou - Greece

    Xmas in Italy

    Just a quick presentation of our country

  • Καλώς ορίσατε φίλοι μας!!

    Μέσα από όμορφες φωτογραφίες μπορούμε να ανταλλάξουμε εικόνες από τις χώρες μας!


    Welcome dear friends!!

    Through beautiful photos we can exchange the beautiful sites of our countries!