5. Logo contest

  • A logo is a symbol made up of text and images that identifies a business or in our case, a project!

    Take a look at the presentation and be creative!

    Logo proposals

    Students create logo proposals until 14th January 2022.

    Each school chooses its best logos for the contest by 14th January 2022.

    To create the logos, you can draw them, use Canva or other web 2.0 tools.



    Logo poll

    Let's choose our project logo?

    Remember: the logo symbolizes our project!

    Poll - open from 17th January to 21st January

    eTwinning Live event


    170 members of the project and 275 teachers and students who are not collaborating on the project voted for the best logo. 

    It was hard to choose between such great logo proposals.

    Our project logo is

  • Logo proposals


    Each partner school uploads until 5 logo proposals for the contest.

    Logo1, Greece
    Logo 2, Greece
    Logo 3, Greece
    Logo 1, Estonia
    Logo 2, Estonia
    Logo 3, Estonia
    Logo 4, Estonia
    Logo 5, Estonia
    Logo 1. Spain
    Logo 2. Spain
    Logo 3. Spain
    Logo 5. Spain
    Logo 4. Spain
    logo 2, EFFL, Turkey
    logo 3, EFFL Turkey
    logo 4, EFFL Turkey
    logo 5, EFFL Turkey
    logo 1, EFFL Turkey
    Logo 1 Durucak/Batman/Turkey
    Logo 2 Durucak/Batman/Turkey
    Logo 3 Durucak/Batman/Turkey
    Logo 1, Portugal
    Logo 2, Portugal
    Logo 3, Portugal
    Logo 4, Portugal
    Logo 5, Portugal