3.2 Teachers in our project

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    Ülle Kreos

    Saaremaa Gymnasium





    Dora Pereira

    Escola Secundária Antero de Quental











    Emeline Morvan

    Collège Lycée Saint-Louis




    Nadia Alshrosh mseden

    Nusaybah AlMazeneah Primary School




    Merje Tammai

    Saaremaa Gymnasium



    Mustafa Gürbüz


    Bozkurt Secondary School


    Bozkurt Secondary School

    Reet Lulla Saaremaa Gymnasium reet.lulla@saaremaa.edu.ee  
    Irja Truumaa Saaremaa Gymnasium irja.truumaa@saaremaa.edu.ee  
    Pedro Melo Escola Secundária Antero de Quental pedro.melo.g550@esaq.pt www.esaq.pt


    Merje Tammai - Estonia


    I am a German teacher from Estonia. I would like to contribute to innovative learning and show my pupils how they can learn other subjects through a foreign language. 

    I´m interested in learning and experiencing new things, I like to do sports, dance folkdance and I love to travel.

    Ülle Kreos - Estonia

    I am Geography and Biology teacher from Estonia, island Saaremaa. I'm working in Saaremaa Gymnasium. I like travelling and I like my work at school (mostly)! I like innovation and to experiment with new teaching and learning methods, outdoor learning, hiking. I am glad to cooperate with you all!


    Dora Pereira - Portugal

    Hi, my name is Dora and I am a Portuguese Computer Science Teacher.
    I live in the Azores and my school is Escola Secundária Antero de Quental.

    A few years ago I chellenged my school to add some codding and robotics to the student's curriculum and I am very proud to say that now we will join this eTwinning projet with different subjects including Robotics!! I am very happy and eager to start. 
    See you soon :D


                                          Gül Esin TEZGÜL- TURKEY

    Hello, I've been an English teacher for 20 years and now, I work at Özejder Social Siences High Scool in Çorum,Turkey. In our country, social sciences high schools not only educate students for their academic career but also work hard for their improvement in social relations. That's why, our students take place in many social activities that require creativity and hard-work throughout the year and thus become very skilled in presenting and communicating. I like travelling and exploring new places very much and I'm sure I'll learn a lot thanks to this project. I'm looking forward to working with you all! 

    Emeline Morvan-France BZH

    I am a busy and lively English teacher who loves music, outdoor sports and my seaside region and I am hoping to build bonds with other European partners to share and exchange.


    Mustafa Gürbüz - Denizli/Turkey


    I am an ICT teacher in a secondary school and willing to improve my english skills as much as my profession. I'm curious on something if it has a screen or includes coding, electronics, mechatronics ect. so this project will be very interesting for me. 


    Pedro Melo - Portugal


    I am an ICT teacher who works in Azores, a volcanic archipelago of nine islands. Born and living all my life surrounded by water (the atlantic ocean), I’m fascinated by everything related to marine life. Therefore, I am very happy to participate in this project that integrates two of my passions: oceans and robotics.