Work process


    The introduction of the students and Schools by means of videos and twinboard will be in november (videoconference to play “Guess Me”). In November a video of the surrounding sea will be presented to the School partners. In December, forums for international teams will be created to let components interact and present in their teams. Logos proposals and a poll for selection will also be made.

    The research about the seas will start in January. Accounts in different platforms will be created for the teams in order to share and discuss the information and make the final product, which must be finished in march, and presented by videoconference. Students will also make a quiz/NEWSLETTER With some FAKE NEWS related to their research. A map with the work results will be made, and a poll to highlight the best things in each product is also programmed. Assessment (by surveymonkey) and a final video of the project should be made before April.

    Sea dictionary - cooperative work.