Programme in Greece

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    Thursday, April 4th


    Friday, April 5th

    8.00      Arrival at the school

    8.30      Opening ceremony

    10.30    Tour of the school

    12.00    Lunch

    13.00   Transport to the city centre

    14.00   Visit to the Metropolital Cathedral of  Athens

    15.30   Visit to the Acropolis

    17.30    Visit to the Acropolis Museum. Dinner with partners

    Saturday,  April 6th

    7.30       Arrival at the school               

    8.00       Departure for Epidavros archaeological site

    10.15    Arrival at Epidavros. Visit to the site. Public reading

    12.00    Departure for Nafplio

    13.00    Arrival at Nafplio. Visit to the Palamidi Castle. History lesson

    15.00    Departure for the city of Nafplio. Lunch.      

    Free time in the city.

    18.30    Departure for Athens.

    20.30    Arrival at the school.

    Dinner with the families.

    Sunday, April 7th  

    Free day with the families

    Monday, April 8th  

    8.00      Arrival at the school

    8.30-14.50      Project Activities

                  Lunch and dinner with the families

    Tuesday, April 9th  

    8.00      Arrival at the school

    8.30-14.50      Project Activities.

                  Closing Ceremony

    15.00-16.30       Farewell Party