IES San Rosendo Programme

  • Erasmus + Thinking Allowed

    Meeting in Mondoñedo 1-7 February 2018

    1st February (Thursday)

    Students’ arrival. Reception at airport. Evening with families


    2nd February (Friday)

    IES San Rosendo. Reception at school

    Tour of the school

    Presentation of each school (their school, their activities, their cities, their vision of Thinking Allowed)

    Project exhibition. Opening


    Tour around Mondoñedo. Reception at Town Hall

    Lunch (3 pm)

    Evening with the families


    3rd February (Saturday)

    Cultural trip to Santiago de Compostela, a place of pilgrimage that shares the spirit and values promoted by the declaration of Human Rights.

    Visit to the cathedral, paying special attention to the representation of women there. Reading in front of Platerías façade of significant texts written by women from the 5 countries. Compromise to create a gender book club to share European literary texts relevant for this topic.

    Guided visit: Women of Compostela

    17.00. Visit to the Museo do Pobo Galego.


    4th February (Sunday)

    Day with families (suggested activities: visiting Lugo or the coast of A Mariña)


    5th February (Monday)

    9.30 – 12.00 Students in the classes with their Spanish colleagues.

    12.30 – 15.00 Project activities. Women in Spanish democracy. Situation in the other countries. Discussion

    Parliamentary debate by Greek Students


    16.30 Walking route (if weather allows).

    18.10 Home with families


    6th February (Tuesday)

    9.30-12.00 women’s timelines

     Project activities. Presentation of projects carried out in the schools in relation to gender



    12.30 Roleplays. Each country will present a short sketch related to gender discriminatory situations. Improvisation of situations. Discussion.


     Creation of a list of problems women have from their own experience and how to overcome those problems.

    Declaration of intent in relation to women and gender

    15.00 Goodbye lunch at school


    7th February (Wednesday)

    Goodbye/See you soon!