Students will use the Internet to create a collaborative e-magazine. It will have lots of articles about the eTwinning and the eTwinners lives, news, games, riddles, crosswords. rebus and so forth. They will learn how to use web tools for creative and learning purposes. They will also use thinking skills to plan, research, analyze, evaluate infos ...

Dissemination plan

Dissemination plan How we will disseminate
Headmsters Sending to the headmaster an email containing the doc of beginning project, the etw certificate and a parents' consent form for videos and photos.

Posting links on Facebook, Twitter ... and our school website

Constant informing and discussion on the tasks


Other schools All materials will be available online and will be promoted via social networks and blogs
Students' parents

Special meetings for parents will be organized at the end of the project in order to let parents know the learing process, the objectives, the results

A small booklet will be produced for each pupil containing the links and also a small sample of the completed works



Author: Marina Screpanti
Last editor: Marina Screpanti