Students will use the Internet to create a collaborative e-magazine. It will have lots of articles about the eTwinning and the eTwinners lives, news, games, riddles, crosswords. rebus and so forth. They will learn how to use web tools for creative and learning purposes. They will also use thinking skills to plan, research, analyze, evaluate infos ...

Students working with tools and magazine

Students learnt to use Storybird with partner's videos.

They didn't understand Greek or Italian or Spanish but they were paying a lot of attention to the videos. 

All of them were focused on the video trying to understand what was said.

Afterwards, they had a try with Storybird. It was great!!

The same was made with the other web tools: students carefully watched the tutorials and the

sample products and then had a try! It was a great way to learn and....a lot of attention was paid!






Author: Marina Screpanti
Last editor: Marina Screpanti