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  • The project "WWW" was born from an idea of three partners, of a previous project, in which

    students found challenging, motivating and creative the use of ICT for learning purposes.

    After the creation of the project, a new eTwinner joined it working hard and proposing

    new tools to partners. A great team of teachers and students!

    Teachers decided to let students share with partners the web tools used in school (in different

    subjects), teaching them how to use the tools, what products can be created with the help of

    the tool and why the tool is helpful in school in different subjects.

    Students with special needs have been more motivated to learning as they used ICT

    which helped them overcome their problems (dislessic students were present in the project).

    Teachers realized that the use of ICT and the CREATION of  products (games, images, articles,

    quiz, mazes and so forth) could give students the opportunity to work using THINKING SKILLS

    and collaborating, not only in the class but in a larger class composed of lots of students

    coming from different countries. Students learnt that it's possible to LEARN FROM EACH

    OTHER sharing knowledge and competences. This fact led them to learn more in order to

    teach more!

    Visit the page with the projects' products, opening the subfolders related to the different

    web tools.

    In order to produce materials, students had to think, analyze, plan, evaluate, check.

    Moreover, in order to teach/show their knowledge about web tools they had to practise,

    expertise, try, create!


    Web tools have been used to study different subjects: science, English, mother tongue,

    geography, concepts of mathematics, . . . and to create various materials:

    Studying mother tongues students created comic strips using different web tools like or or,

    they also wrote stories using

    They studied English producing their own study materials like Bingo cards, dominoes

    and so forth, using

    They used the same tool for EVALUATING their knowledge about science, CREATING quizzes

    and crosswords. The creation of this kind of games, in fact, brought students to REFLECT

    about what they have learnt and let them use their competences (especially

    entrepreneurship and learn to learn).

    Students reflected on their knowledge about various subjects looking for KEY WORDS

    about specific topics, such as food or animals and creating word clouds with

    In order to paint and use their creativity in art, they used

    To collaborate, brainstorm, communicate they used


    Students taught their partners how to use the web tools they have "discovered" in the web,

    recording TUTORIALS and sharing them.

    Visit the TUTORIALS PAGE to watch them. Open the subfolders to watch the different web tools

    tutorials. Here are only some printscreen of the tutorials. 

    In this way, partner students learnt from the tutorials how to use new web tools and started to use the presented web tools.

    The collaboration was great and the project was a fantastic example of LEARN TO LEARN and



    In the end a WWW MAGAZINE has been published to disseminate the project! Read the book: