BrazCoNut - A European Trade Corporation

We intend to found of a (virtual) company which needs raw materials from developing countries for its products. We want to ensure sustainability, whilst still allowing our company to grow.

Visit to the Expo 2015 in Milano

From June 2 till June 7, 2015 four of the German students visited Como and the EXPO 2015 in Milan.

The two groups finally met, discussed some important issues of their project and then the project group visited the EXPO in Milan  on June 3.The highlight of the visit was the presentation of BrazCoNut at the Congolese and German Pavilion - an experience never to be forgotten.

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Both the Congolese and the German representatives we talked to were very surprised about the quality of the project and encouraged us to continue working on projects like BrazCoNut in the future. The Director of ther German Pavilion, Mr. Erol Altunay, actually said that our project was what development aid should really be like.


Photo courtesy of  Deutscher Pavillon Expo 2015 B. Handke

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Young-Entrepreneurs from Mülheim an der Ruhr present themselves at the EXPO

Four  students of the Wirtschaftsgymnasium Lehnerstraße in Mülheim an der Ruhr visited the Expo Milano (Feeding the Planet-Energy for Life) on June 3rd 2015 and made valuable experiences while getting an idea of their future working. They presented a virtual company that they had created together with a group of students from Como.

In the morning they met at 8 AM with the Italian partners at the train station in Como and took the train to the Expo Milano. There was a long queue of people at the entrance due to security measures. 45 minutes later we entered the area of the Expo.

Approximately 150.000 visitors arrive at the Expo in Milano every day.

As an indroduction into the overall topic, our group visited the "Pavillon Zero" from where we went half an hour across the area until we got to the Congolese Pavillon to present our project.

While our teachers introduced the project to the representatives of the German pavillion we had the opportunity to have an Italian lunch.

The director of the German pavillion, Mr Erol Altunay, was very interested in our project and met us in the VIP area of the pavillion.We presented our work and were proud that the many hours of work that we have invested on it, eventually were officially appreciated. Mr Altunay, who has worked for the UNO for many years, found  especially interesting  that students take  on a challenge such as this project.He praised our concept as a good example for global development and promised to carefully read the portfolio we gave to him.

After the presentation we were invited to drinks and got a tour through the Pavillon in German and Italian language with official  guides. The divers content was delivered in a technically distinguished and impressive manner.                  (text by: Jan, Mirco, Niklas, Dilara) 


Some impressions of the day:



Off  to the EXPO                                              Patience needed ....                                         Pavilion Zero



En route to Congo ...                                                                                   Congo Pavilion EXPO 2015



Field of Ideas - German Pavilion EXPO 2015




Author: Mechtild Schlang-Redmond
Last editor: Katia Galeazzi