• Marketing & Advertising


    “There is more to a coconut than your chocolate bar suggests!” 

    Part of BrazCoNut's marketing strategy is the financial policy, of course. For further information on that, refer to the corresponding section of our business plan. We intend to base our overall advertisment on our reputation. We mean to be a companywith a high standard of social values and we know how positve that effect is on word-of-mouth recommendations. 

    Since we already vaguely know who we are going to sell our products to, an extensive advertising strategy is not nessesary yet.

    • Coconut fibre substrate is completely used, as explained on the corresponding page.
    • Coconut water will be sold to airlines that we are, in fact, already in negotiations with.
    • Coconut Oil and meat will be returned partly to the farmers for their own use and sold to the cosmetic and food industry. We will soon be starting negotiations with distributers.

    We have created a questionnaire to see if people know coconut water and its advantages and how much they are ready to pay. Click on this link and complete it please

    To see the results you can access to google drive of this e-mail password: coconutw

    These charts present the results of  the survey: