BrazCoNut - A European Trade Corporation

We intend to found of a (virtual) company which needs raw materials from developing countries for its products. We want to ensure sustainability, whilst still allowing our company to grow.

Project Journal

  • We would like to close the project BrazCoNut with the following message taken at the Congolese Pavilion at the EXPO 2015 in Milan:

    - Posted by Mechtild Schlang-Redmond, 13.06.2015

  • Very very beautiful experience! All our work payed off ! It was great meeting our Italian partners and to work with them! Thank you for the great cooperation.
    - Posted by Dilara Imer, 08.06.2015

  • on 3rd June we visited EXPO Milano 2015 for the conclusive day of our project. We visited the Congo pavilion where we explained the project to the Congolose representatives, lates we went to the Garman pavilon and spoke to the pavillon's director who congratulated us. Both of them showed a lot of interest in our work, this experience was very great and we are proud of it.
    - Posted by Lucia Zuzolo, 04.06.2015

  • Welcome Germans! Our project is finishing soon, we are really gratefull to work with you. We hope that you like The EXPO at Milan yesterday. We look to forward to meet you again. Thank you :)


    - Posted by Pratama Budiawan, 04.06.2015

  • hi everybody! the survey has been completed by 86 eople. all of us, from our 4sia course, think that 120 would be the ideal number and it will be even better to overcome it! let's give the survey to your friends, parents and relatives in order to increase the data :)
    - Posted by Lucia Zuzolo, 18.05.2015