The participants evaluate the project

  • Γεια σας φίλοι μας!!

    Hello dear friends!!

    ¡Hola amigos!!

    Our beautiful collaboration, that we achieved through the eTwinning project, gave fruitful results. It was an honor to work with you. All together we formed the project and motivated our students!

    We all enjoyed the cooperation, became active and creative, cultivated collaboration, life skills and communication skills. We cultivated our emotional intelligence and especially empathy. Our project helped the pupils and their families to receive positive messages and emotions, during the difficult period of the confinement, due to covid-19 pandemic crisis that all the world faced. 

    Thank you my dear friend, Esperanza Caro, that you had accepted the invitation to become our co-founder, our friendship is strong!! Sotiria Apostolopoulou Kafetsi you gave us new options on teaching Physical Education and inspired our pupils!! Georgia Pargou you are a great Teacher and a very cooperative person, your pupils are so lucky to have you!! Konstantinos Papathomas is our Teacher of English and his pupils of Kozani had the bright opportunity to participate in the project thanks to his great effort!! Congtatulations to all the pupils, i will always remember this project experience!!! Wholeheartedly, I send you my friendship Theodora Chandrinou.

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  • The project succeeded all the pedagogical aims and objectives and became a helpful material for the participants. It worths our best evaluation grade!
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