Send me your e-heart!


"Send me your e-heart!", is an innovative short eTwinning project that unites the pupils of Primary Schools around the world. Through our Art creations, on the theme of a heart, we exchange our best wishes and emotions! Our innovative project effort is realized during the period of the pandemic crisis of covid-19, for that reason we use digital tools for the dissemination of our work. We apply the cross-thematic curriculum framework and the Teachers that have different subject specialization unite their didactical approach under our common project goals. We are focused on the positive ways that can motivate the pupils to interact. All the project partners, we join our forces and become creative and active! We are going to create positive memories and keep shiny feelings, through the project experience! This project aims to unite Schools during the difficult period 2020-2021, of the pandemic crisis that we face. We share a positive bright approach, through playful Art activities.

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