Feedback activities

  • Getting to know our surrounding world

    We all collaborated fruitfully students and teachers in this beautiful project and here we present our feedback activities!


    The students from Greece invited the students and Teachers from Spain and Sweden to participate

    in this survey as a part of our feedback activitites.

    Inspired from the activity: "Nuestra receta preferida"

    our Fine Arts Teacher Mrs Theodora Chandrinou gave us the idea,

    educated us about health diet benefits and helped us very much to start and finish the activity!

    Special thanks to Mrs Esperanza Caro from Spain!

    All the students collaborated and wrote the questions. We hope to find our survey ineresting!

    Here are the results:


    Also an eTwinning event was organized from our Teachers for sharing the results:

    "Getting to know our surrounding world" project feedback

    During the eTwinning project "Getting to know our surrounding world" the participating students and Teachers from Sweden, Spain and Greece cooperated fruitfully, shared knowledge and enjoyed the collaboration. We are going to communiacate the results of our efforts and present our feedback activities through this padlet:



    We invited teachers, students and their parents to evaluate the project,

    and we used simple questioners and also different ICT tools:


    For our contacts in the project among participating students and Schools we used different ICT materials and aslo the twin space safe platform!!!


    Thank you all for the perfect collaboration!!!