Día del Libro, 23 de Abril

  • In Madrid Book Day is celebrated on April 23.

    On April 23 the birthplace of the writer Miguel de Cervantes, Alcala de Henares, dresses: in the auditorium of the university, the Kings of Spain present the Cervantes Prize, the highest literary award granted in the field of Spanish language.

    Every year, in the Hall of Columns of the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid continuous reading of the novel takes place: they are 48 hours of uninterrupted reading in participating figures from the world of culture and politics with anonymous citizens. The story of Don Quixote is also read in many Instituto Cervantes centers located abroad on the occasion of this anniversary.

    It held in Madrid Night of Books. More than a hundred libraries open until midnight with a special cultural program that includes everything from live music and meetings with writers, even children's activities.

    Biblioteca Digital  

    At school they created a small book with the characters of Don Quixote.


         Murals on the life of Cervantes ..


    and the ESO a reading of Don Quixote, Shakespeare quotes etc



    Celebracióbn Día del Libro 23 de Abril (Colegio San José)



    Concurso  Día del Libro - Colegio Divina Pastora (Madrid)


                                                                  ( Pincha en la foto). 2ºEso


                                                                                            Alumnos de 6ºEP



    Visita de los alumnos de 3ºEP a la Biblioteca Municipal, por el aniversario de Cervantes: 


    Through the twin space page all the participating students exhanged materials 

    Celabrations in the Greek School

    Book and Art exhibitions, book-exchanging events, writting of poems.

    Presentations and Literature Conference in the School Events hall.


                                                                      !Felicidades a todos ¡   Por el buen trabajo realizado.