1. General Information about the Project (January, 2021)

  • This project materializes in the eTwinning platform an environment where to accommodate the activities and serve as a meeting point for the project Focusing on and out: Attention to diversity and Environment, Eramus+ KA101 project coordinated by the IES Angel de Saavedra (Córdoba, Spain) in collaboration with educational centers in Portugal, Sweden, Italy and Netherlands.

    The project focuses on two aspects: On the one hand, we face learning in innovation and educational inclusion. We will work and reflect with our partner schools for educational inclusion through innovation and adequate attention to student diversity.

    On the other hand, this project is at the service of training and mobility coordination (as well as contacts, communications, materials, common reflections) oriented to learning in environmental education; we seek to materialize collaborations with prestigious European centers that develop projects of sustainability and environmental protection, work with them, promote experiences, etc.