Project introduction

  • AIMS

    The children will learn to work in collaboration with international groups.

    They will learn how to create a digital magazine and mindmaps, too.

    They will practise their English by communicating with pupils of their age in authentic situations.

    They will also learn how to avoid misinformation, and we hope they will have a stronger awareness of the dangers of fake news and become more aware digital citizens.



    Students will be divided into groups of mixed nationalities according to the topic.

    Some will work on fake photos, some will be in charge of the mindmap, others will create fake news, some will create infographics to warn their classmates of the dangers of fake news.

    We are going to start as soon as the project is accepted.

    We will first work individually so that we can study materials. Then we will start collaborating by creating articles, infographics, fake photos ...

    We have decided to finish the project by the end of May.

    We haven't decided on a detailed calendar yet.



    We plan to create a madmagz which will collect our collaborative fake news articles. This magazine will be published on the school website and as far as the French teacher is concerned, on her Wix website.

    We will also print it and leave it at the school library.